Pregnancy and Postpartum

Motherhood changes every aspect of the life and identity we knew and that can be overwhelming. "How often do we go into an experience as one person and come out as two people?" (Dr. Diana Barnes)

Around 70-80% of mothers experience the "baby blues" within the first week following birth. 15 to 20% of women experience more significant symptoms of depression or anxiety. If a mother experienced a traumatic birth, postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder is also possible. Any of these symptoms can appear during pregnancy or within the first year following childbirth. There is hope and effective treatment available to you so you can connect with the mother you are meant to be.

During and after treatment, my goal for you is to :

  • Be free of your judgmental self and when it creeps in, know how to ignore it and move beyond it.
  • Expect mistakes and know that smile and laughter will get you through most of them.
  • Realize that no one can do this job alone. Asking for help and accepting it will make you a stronger and more present parent.